Real, Honest Testimonials

"Throughout our educational career, we may have professors whose impact on our lives is never forgotten.  
Kim Kristensen is one of them.  
As an educator, Kim’s dedication and commitment to the material being presented are apparent. His goal, however, is not merely filling minds with words from a page, but encouraging others to understand how to apply what is being taught in ways that help them improve as a person.  

Kim values his students, their experiences, and their individuality.  He is open to their questions, is always respectful, and encourages individual thought and growth.  
I highly recommend taking any opportunity to learn from him!" 
Beth Eisenzimmer – Roanoke, VA - Family Advocate Coordinator

"Kim has an exceptional ability to make everyone in the room feel heard, understood, and valued. This sets him apart as a communicator and problem solver. He’s artful in the way he ensures all attendees are included in discussions. I strongly recommend him as a presenter or meeting facilitator, which are the areas where I’ve seen him perform."

Nanette Levin, Wordsmith of Roanoke  - - helping your message rise above the noise

"Mr. Kim Kristensen is an intuitive, kind, and patient coach. His approach is one of non-judgment, presence, and accountability. As a client, I always feel safe, seen, and heard. He does not shy away from tough topics, but rather uses his unique skills, expertise, and abilities to foster greater awareness about a situation. In one particular example, he helped me to prepare for, what would turn out to be, a life-changing event. His questions, observations, and somatic practices allowed me to see and connect things that were not apparent to me previously. I am truly fortunate and grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Kim. I recommend him highly!"

Margaret Morse - Professional Coach

"As an experienced coach myself, and one with some fairly strong opinions about how I want to be coached, I am not the easiest coaching client. Truth be told, the first session wasn’t quite what I wanted it to be and I considered not scheduling a second. I’m beyond grateful that I did.
Kim was able and willing to hear what I wanted from the coaching relationship and adjust the ways he was utilizing his deep and varied coaching toolkit. As my trust and our coaching collaboration developed, I came full circle and found not only a willingness to invite the tools I had first pushed away but to find them to be exactly what I needed in the moment. 
Kim’s adaptability, resourcefulness, responsiveness, and skill have transformed him into someone I feel honored and grateful to call my coach."

SB Rawz, business & empowerment coach

"When I met Mr. Kristensen, he was teaching a class to a group of mostly angry men and women of all backgrounds. His ability to focus the group, execute the training, redirect the angry outbursts, listen and respond was an experience that I will never forget and I continue to make use of in my day-to-day life. Or as my daughter would say, 'Dat boy got mad skills yo'." 
David Wyrick - HVAC Tech - Moneta, Va

"Kim is an empathetic and intuitive coach, picking up on the nuances of an issue and encouraging you to consider other points of view. 
He has a magic way of getting you to see other aspects of an issue without making you feel like an idiot. :D 
I love that he is willing to do things that make him a little uncomfortable, too. (Like dance on a webinar!) His openness is refreshing, and he makes me laugh. Highly recommend!"

Sacil Armstrong – Roanoke, VA: Anti-Racism Trainer, Coach - 

"Kim has a wonderful capacity to listen and then ask just the right question in just the right way to clarify and elicit greater awareness and growth in those he is relating to. He brings the experience of working as a teacher with traditional and non-traditional students, as well as a mediator, trainer, and coach in a host of different situations. His capacity to see persons, groups, and situations in their higher potential usually leads to much of that higher potential being realized."

Dr. Jim Bier - Ferrum, VA

"Kim Kristensen is extremely knowledgeable and delivers instructions in an engaging and clear way.  Over the years, I’ve always enjoyed participating in his trainings – he knows the subject matter and stays on track.  He also offers interesting examples." 

Courtney Brown - Special Assistant to the President - Ferrum College, VA

"Kim facilitates meetings of the men’s group we share with compassion, insight, and passion.  When he speaks, I always listen, because I almost always learn something about myself from what he says.  He spices his stories and insights with a healthy dash of humor.  He enlivens our group, and he is the primary reason I have continued to participate in his group for 12 years.  I would highly recommend him for training, mediation, and facilitation.
And that’s 100% honest and voluntary."
Dr. Bill Hendricks, MD - Blacksburg, VA

"I have known Kim for a number of years now. Our paths keep crossing because he is destined to do the work of peace, justice, relationship-building, and wellness. If you're looking for a dynamic trainer, facilitator, or coach, Kim brings a unique flavor, exceptional energy, and a compassionate spirit. He hasn't formally coached me, but every time I'm around him, I watch and learn!"
Stephen Niamke - Conversation Peace - Roanoke, VA

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