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Conflict Prevention Training

If you’re looking for a different kind of training experience, you’ve come to the right place!

No talking heads, fluff, canned presentations, or PowerPoint snoozers can be found here. 

Mr. Kim Kristensen, Warrior Mediator, is focused on providing interactive, engaging, and effective sessions. These are not only enjoyable, but also extremely effective at producing memorable, useful, customized, and practical tools & tips designed to foster better communications, productivity, and cooperation. Since everyone in the room (or on the screen) participates in the conversations and activities, attendees are able to more easily implement what they’ve learned.

We use experience plus evidence-based processes proven effective as tactics to prevent, reduce, and resolve conflicts at work, and in life. Participants are always a part of the program. This includes practical, realistic, and entertaining activities that allow them to practice skills in real-time and get immediate feedback.

For organizations: Our approach, which includes direction from you before we even start any training, is unique because we customize each and every training to your specific needs. Too many of us have experienced "seagull trainers" who swoop in and do their usual routine (fly around making a lot of noise, maybe shit on things, and then fly out), with little impact. Our customized approach helps target problem & opportunity areas for real change.

Mr. Kim Kristensen has over 30 years of experience in management, leadership, and adult education. He worked his way up from being a janitor and laborer to corporate management. He knows what hard work and commitment look and feel like.

As a manager, he has hired, trained, and coached numerous employees, and, on occasion, had to fire employees.  He has worked for nonprofits, government, private businesses, and for himself.

His programs are borne from experience and success, not just theory or other peoples’ writings.


Life & Emotional Wellness Coaching

Don’t come here if your goal is to find a coach who only makes you feel better staying right where you are now, doing exactly what you have been doing. 😑

If you’re looking for someone who is compassionate yet relentlessly focused on encouraging you to be your best self, Kim can probably help.  

Kim's approach is eclectic. He brings a variety of skills gained from years of experience. This includes a variety of training skills, lessons learned from numerous workshops, many years of experience as a manager and leader, a master’s degree in Social Sciences/Psychology, and years of experience as a Certified Mediator and Coach. 

His bachelor’s degree is in Management and Human Resources, and he teaches at the university level as an adjunct faculty. In addition, he has studied Adult Education, Organizational Behavior, Management & Leadership, and Computer Electronics.

Yes, Kim changed majors a number of times. 😁

Kim also draws from past work with shamans, going on vision quests, leading men's groups, emotional process work, numerous personal development workshops, and digging deep into somatic (body-oriented) work.

In addition, he can reflect on an interesting life for ideas to help you through challenges, including time spent in the circus training animals, doing acrobatics on galloping horses, and flying through the air without a net. (Note: Although he was raised in the circus, Kim does not support using performing animals in the circus.)

Kim is dedicated to continuous learning. That means when he finds something new and evidence-based that’s appropriate for you, he’ll introduce it to you.

Another priority is staying on top of discoveries and developments to gather ideas that make him a better coach. 

Mediation Services

Kim Kristensen is the only Certified Mediator approved to train prospective mediators in the Roanoke and NRV area. He works with families, businesses, nonprofits, communities, agencies, and individuals.

Mediation is a process where two or more people in conflict engage a neutral third party (the mediator) to help them come to an agreement.

Kim does the following types of Mediation:

  • Workplace 
  • Group
  • Family
  • Community

Some of the organizations Kim has worked with include:

  • VMI
  • Virginia Department of Corrections
  • VDOT
  • Virginia Supreme Court
  • Local courts
  • Radford University
  • Roanoke County
  • Roanoke Children’s Trust
  • On Our Own
  • Roanoke Rescue Mission
  • DePaul Family Services
  • Roanoke Conflict Resolution Center
  • Skyline Girl Scouts
  • Roanoke City Police

Kim has also worked with families, clients of these agencies, individuals, and groups that will always remain protected by confidentiality.

Give Kim a call or email if you’re tired of fighting or believe there must be a better way to reach harmonious solutions. 

540-808- 3162 or

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