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What is Mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary process where a skilled, neutral third party (the mediator) helps people get to the real issues, talk about them in a safe environment, and come to agreement on how they will move forward.

Warrior Mediation Services

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Workplace Mediation

People get stressed and leave their jobs due to conflict!

The workplace mediation process involves a voluntary and confidential discussion between parties involved in workplace disputes, which is facilitated by an impartial mediator.

The goal of mediation is to help participants to resolve the dispute themselves and become productive again by making an informed decision that everyone can live with. It involves all parties in the mediation process, which can mean mediation between two individuals, or groups of individuals (for example team members and/or management).

Mediation can include Conflict Coaching for one or more people involved in the conflict. Conflict Coaching is a separate, one-on-one process that helps individuals see their part in the conflict and helps them find ways to resolve it. It also focuses on learning Conflict Prevention techniques.

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Family Mediation

Family conflicts are the worst! And, you can peacefully improve or resolve family conflicts using our Family Mediation services. 

Common family conflicts are:

  • Disagreements about communication between family members
  • Dealing with that difficult relative
  • Marriage, separation, & divorce
  • Parenting schedules, custody, & child support
  • Elder care, the family’s budget, and other family matters

Family Mediation can be used for the entire family or just specific family members. For instance, you may only want mediation services for your parents or for the couple in a relationship.

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Group Mediation or Facilitated Meeting

Group mediation aims to help clients, teams, groups, etc. resolve their disputes amicably by providing mediation services.  

A Facilitated Meeting is similar to a Mediation and may also involve short training moments and skills building in areas like communication skills,  emotional intelligence skills, etc. 

Kim first meets with the parties individually, and then together, at the same time. This can be done via Zoom or in person.

Everyone gets heard, all issues are on the table, and agreements are made on how to move forward. By increasing communication and trust among all involved, group mediation can help parties resolve their dispute without going to HR, litigation, or court.

How does Mediation work?

The parties meet with the mediator together to discuss their dispute. The mediator's job is to keep everyone focused on what is most important - talking about agreements and solutions. 

The Mediator helps create a safe space for all parties to speak freely and be heard. The people in conflict get to design their own unique and workable solution with the help of the mediator.

There are usually no lawyers, judges or other professionals present at mediation; however, they are welcome if the parties agree. The discussions remain confidential and nothing said in mediation (with some exceptions, such as evidence of child abuse) can be used later as evidence.

What makes Mediation effective?

We bring our experience from many different fields (coaching, psychology, training, therapy, and knowledge of the local court system) so that we can help you find win/win solutions. We have studied conflict at the university level, learned the art of listening, and used numerous mediation techniques to resolve disputes.

Why use Mediation?

Mediation is flexible, personal, and voluntary.  We can devise a process that meets your needs:  face-to-face, via the telephone or electronically using Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, etc. 

Mediation can be used to resolve disputes about almost anything, from a business conflict over profits to a family dispute over money or dividing a parent's estate.

Mediation is private. The mediator helps people talk through their problems and reach an agreement that can be tailored to meet each party's needs. A confidentiality agreement protects your privacy and a conflict resolution process takes place in private, during which people involved in your issue get together to discuss problems and solutions.

What does it cost?

The rate for Certified Mediation is $150/hour.

Group Mediations or Facilitated Meetings are $200/hour.

A sliding scale is offered for individuals in need.

A typical mediation or facilitated meeting can last anywhere from one hour to several hours.

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Why use Warrior Mediator/Coach?

You will find that Mr. Kim Kristensen of Warrior Mediator/Coach is passionate about helping people. It is his goal to help individuals, families and groups prevent or resolve conflicts wherever possible. 

Kim has a rather large “toolbox” and doesn't rely on limited or one-size-fits-all approaches. Kim is one of the only Certified Mediators in the Roanoke/NRV area certified by the Supreme Court of Virginia to train prospective mediators

Over the last 15 years, Kim has mediated for numerous organizations, individuals, families, agencies, and other groups. 

“Warrior” is more than just the name of this website; it’s the philosophy behind it (see my "About" page for more info on this): 

- Changing negative attitudes towards conflict into productive action and realistic, agreeable solutions.

- Hold a fiercely compassionate and safe space where everyone gets to be heard.

- Stepping up to help restore lost trust and confidence.

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Warrior Mediation is not for everyone

- Mediation is a voluntary process. If the other person doesn't want to participate, then the mediation won't happen. However, Conflict Coaching is highly recommended for the willing participant. 

- Mediation can’t change the law; we cannot mediate things that are criminal or illegal.
- Mediation is not appropriate when there is violence. If someone is being violent, abusive, etc., first get yourself to a safe space and call 911. This may need to be handled by law enforcement.
- Mediation can be therapeutic; however, it is not therapy. 
- Mediation cannot happen between any parties who are not mentally competent.

Past Warrior Mediation Clients

Department of Corrections
Virginia Supreme Court
Local courts

Virginia Children's Theatre

Radford University
Roanoke County
Children’s Trust
On Our Own
Rescue Mission

DePaul Family Services
Roanoke Conflict Resolution Center
Skyline Girl Scouts

Department of Child Support Enforcement


Margaret Morse

"Mr. Kim Kristensen approach is one of non-judgment, presence, and accountability. As a client, I always feel safe, seen, and heard. He does not shy away from tough topics, but rather uses his unique skills, expertise, and abilities to foster greater awareness about a situation."

David Wyrick

"When I met Mr. Kristensen, he was teaching a class to a group of mostly angry men and women of all backgrounds. His ability to focus the group, execute the training, redirect the angry outbursts, listen and respond was an experience that I will never forget and I continue to make use of in my day-to-day life."

Sacil Armstrong

"Kim has a wonderful capacity to ask just the right question in just the right way to clarify and elicit greater awareness and growth. He brings the experience of working as a teacher with traditional and non-traditional students, as well as a mediator, trainer, and coach in a host of different situations."

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