Life, Emotional Wellness, Workplace, & Conflict Coaching


Want support with relationship issues, work/career, anxiety/stress, and/or conflicts? 

Could you use some help in getting through a tough time? 

Is your relationship stalled or in conflict?

You are not alone!

I help people awaken to their full potential by:

  • deeply listening to what's being said & NOT said.
  • uncovering learning opportunities.
  • calling you to awareness and action.
  • teaching skills that last for a lifetime.
  • offering caring & relentless support along the way.

There's no better time to get support than now! 

What is coaching and how does it work?

Coaching is a one-on-one process for those who are stuck or struggling with their personal or professional life.

There are different types of coaching, and I offer Mental Health coaching, Emotional Wellness coaching, Relationship coaching, and Life coaching. A good coach will help guide someone through whatever barriers that person faces on their journey to success without taking over what’s theirs to do by themselves.

Coaching is about helping you figure out what you want and how to go after it. It's a collaborative relationship designed to help you achieve your goals in life, work, or personal relationships. It provides perspective on your situation while giving you tools for change.
It's also about providing hope, encouragement, and accountability when you're feeling like there is no way out.


Benefits of life coaching

My coaching is designed to help you see your emotional wellness in a new light. It's about guiding you through your emotional and mental struggles and helping you find the things that work for you as an individual.
Coaching helps clients identify deep-rooted feelings, thoughts, and behaviors they may not even know they had just by listening deeply to them, asking them powerful and perception-changing questions, and working together towards a solution.


What does it cost?

An initial 15-minute consultation is free, then sessions run 60-90 minutes at a fee of $150/session (sliding scale available). Ongoing email and text support are included at no extra charge. Sessions are held via phone, Zoom, FaceTime, Messenger, or face-to-face at my office.


Are there contracts or commitments?


Warrior Mediator stands apart from many other coaching models by not requiring contracts or commitments.

You can have one session and be done!

You can meet with me once a week, once a month, or once a year - whatever works for you.


The process of working with a coach 

Working with a coach typically includes a conversation where you are able to talk about what is going on in your life, including emotional blocks, mental blocks, or other struggles.

This process will help identify and create new pathways for emotional wellness that may not have been accessible before.
My coaching sessions build a relationship that relies heavily on trust, empathy, safety, understanding of boundaries, and confidentiality. It also requires mutual respect and compassion as we move through the process together.

Feeling stuck? You're not alone.

Schedule your free consultation to see if we're a good fit

How will you know if I am qualified to be your coach?

Well, honestly, you won't know for sure just from reading this page!

  1. First, listen to your gut and your heart. What are they telling you?
  2. Next, you might want to ask yourself these questions: Am I someone you would feel comfortable talking to? Do I inspire your trust? Am I someone who can understand your thoughts, feelings, and perspective about the situation? Am I someone who really “gets” you?
  3. A good way to answer those questions is to spend a few minutes with me on a phone or Zoom call. I offer a free, 15-minute-ish phone session that should give you a sense of what it’s like to work with me. Plus, our chat will introduce you to the coaching/mediation process, and it will offer you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

My Credentials and Experience

I have a diverse background in coaching. I am a professional ICF Certified Coach (ACC) with over 15 years of experience as a certified conflict resolution professional and mediator. 

I have a rather large “toolbox” and I don’t rely on limited or one-size-fits-all approaches. Your coaching experience will be customized precisely for you and your needs and goals. 

I draw on many principles and practices from evidence-based techniques and practices such as cognitive behavioral coaching (CBT), acceptance and commitment coaching(ACT), dialectical behavior coaching (DBT), somatic experiencing (SE), presence-based coaching (PBC), shadow work, transpersonal psychology, and depth psychology. I also bring in eclectic approaches that arise intuitively from my numerous workshops and personal life experiences.

And, I coach other coaches, and I get coached by other coaches (see my workshops and training recognized by the Supreme Court of Virginia).


Life can be hard; we all go through challenges both professionally and personally with our family members, friends, employees, bosses, partners, or children.  Beyond that, we all have our own personal challenges.

Professional coaching can help you move through those challenging moments and find your way to the other side. I am experienced in supporting people who want to be more presence-based, helping them navigate difficult conversations with their loved ones without getting triggered or triggering others.

Professional coaching is a full-time job in my life- it's not just something I do to support my clients with their lives. I do it for my own emotional wellness so that I can be fully present when we collaborate on what you need.

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What kinds of coaching do I offer, and what does each mean?

emotional wellness coaching mental health life coach anxiety stress relationships

Emotional Wellness and Mental Health Coaching

Emotional Wellness and Mental Health Coaching can help you find relief from the symptoms of chronic negative emotions, stress, anxiety, relationship issues, and even mild depression.

We start by evaluating emotional health by identifying and understanding the root causes of your emotional distress and then designing an action plan that addresses this issue holistically.

This can include: changing your thoughts about yourself or others; getting more sleep; trying new activities to increase feelings of self-worth; reconnecting with old friends or family members who have been neglected since you got overwhelmed in life; paying attention to physical sensations associated with the issue; moving in new ways; eating healthier; setting appropriate boundaries; learning to deal better with conflict.

The idea is to not only address one individual "symptom" but also work on developing tools for coping overall so you live a happy life freer from struggle!

Life Coaching

Personal Life Coaching is a process of self-discovery with the goal of guiding people to learn and grow on their own terms.
It is about asking questions that would allow for you, as an individual, to understand who you are in this world and what makes your life worth living.

A coach will ask these sorts of questions: What does success look like? How do you define happiness? Where do I find joy in my life right now? Who are my support systems? What’s the next step I need to take? What’s preventing me from taking that step?

The idea behind Life Coaching is for people to find relief from chronic negative emotions and thoughts by rediscovering themselves through questioning their values, beliefs and goals.

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Workplace Coaching

Many business owners and managers find themselves in the position of having to deal with difficult situations involving employees. This can include anything from handling performance problems, dealing with a rude colleague or employee, or coaching someone on how they might be able to improve their skills for promotion opportunities within the company.

The business coaching skills of the leader are key to minimizing these types of issues. Workplace coaching provides skills for the employees and employer to  address problems before they become larger issues.

Utilizing conflict coaching in the workplace can help people learn to de-escalate upsets quicker and more effectively so the manager or HR person doesn’t have to step in. This can save considerable time, energy, turnover, and money!

Have more widespread issues? Check out my mediation services.

Relationship Coaching

Relationship coaching is a personal and highly effective process where I work with clients to understand the underlying issues of their relationship.

The goal is not merely to delve into past family issues, but to offer resources for change that are tailored specifically to each client's needs and goals.

Relationship Coaching can help you identify your strengths, and personal growth areas as well as presenting skills or tools that will be most appropriate given the situation. 

My approach is focused on identifying what causes distress in long-term relationships and helping couples find healthier ways of living together day by day. This approach seeks first to establish emotional safety between partners rather than focusing exclusively on changing individual behavior patterns. It addresses both intimate matters as well as the personal and social history of both partners.

I am in the 23rd year of my relationship with my wife. It wasn’t easy; at times it still isn’t.

And, it is SO worth every bit of time and energy we put into it. When my wife and I met, we agreed to use our relationship to help us each become better people. I was even motivated to write my master’s thesis on “Conscious Relationships”. 

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Coaching Testimonials

Margaret Morse

"Mr. Kim Kristensen is an intuitive, kind, and patient coach. His approach is one of non-judgment, presence, and accountability. As a client, I always feel safe, seen, and heard. He does not shy away from tough topics, but rather uses his unique skills, expertise, and abilities to foster greater awareness about a situation."

SB Rawz

"As an experienced coach myself, and one with some fairly strong opinions about how I want to be coached, I am not the easiest coaching client. Kim’s adaptability, resourcefulness, responsiveness, and skill have transformed him into someone I feel honored and grateful to call my coach."

Sacil Armstrong

"Kim is an empathetic and intuitive coach, picking up on the nuances of an issue and encouraging you to consider other points of view. 
He has a magic way of getting you to see other aspects of an issue without making you feel like an idiot. :D"

Feeling stuck? You're not alone.

Schedule your free consultation to see if we're a good fit

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