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Conflict Resolution 

Workshops and Training

Even Warriors need support with conflict resolution skills!

These courses and workshops are designed to help improve professional performance as well as interpersonal skills that can lead to:

  • Improved business relationships.
  • Development of conflict resolution skills.
  • Better communication techniques.
  • Knowing how to handle difficult conversations in the office, at home, or in your own life.
  • Better self-awareness so you can prevent conflicts before they happen.

Upcoming Workshops & Training

Whether it's improving your leadership skills, personal relationships, conflict resolution skills, mediation process, or learning how to deal with difficult people, these courses can help! 

My programs are practical, interactive, and designed to meet your needs. I have an extensive variety of experiences and training to help you become a more skillful mediator, attorney, conflict resolution specialist, teacher, parent, partner, manager, HR professional, or therapist. 

Also, if you are a Certified Mediator in Virginia, most of my workshops qualify as Continuing Mediator Education (CME) for your Mediator recertification requirements. 

Don't want to wait?

While the best way to experience my workshops is live and as they happen, recorded workshops are available.

Your Brain (& Body) on Conflict

Coming soon!

Learn to recognize and address conflict in yourself and others, how it can affect your body and brain, and how you can signal for help. This class is an introduction to conflict prevention and conflict resolution techniques that will help you improve interpersonal relationships.

Put your Brain skills (reason, compassion, survival), your Body skills (focusing on calming your nervous system and theirs), and your Conflict Resolution skills (deep listening and impartiality) to use in dealing with upset people and conflict.

Learn more about Your Brain and Body on Conflict.

Dealing with People's Difficult Behaviors

Coming soon!

Let’s face it - some people's behaviors can be difficult!
If you're dealing with difficult behaviors at work, at the supermarket checkout, during conflict resolution and mediation, or in your personal life - this training is for you. 

This course will show you how to identify challenging behaviors, set healthy boundaries, and have respectful interactions with those who try to push your buttons.

In addition, this training offers some really practical tips on caring for yourself both mentally and physically so that these uncomfortable encounters don't completely define your day.

Learn More About Dealing With People's Difficult Behaviors

Become a Better Listener: Deep listening skills for challenging times.

Coming Soon!

Have you ever felt truly and deeply listened to and heard? ​​Deep Listening is a powerful skill for successful problem-solving, conflict resolution, relationship management, mediation, and individual development. 

Listening can offer an often-missing ingredient in negotiations and resolving conflicts - understanding the other person's point of view and using that to your advantage and theirs. 

This workshop teaches participants to focus their attention back on listening deeply to the person they’re interacting with to restore the vital human connections we're all losing touch with!

Learn More About Becoming A Better Listener

Introduction to Conflict Coaching

Coming Soon!

Do you find yourself or people around you struggling with how to handle conflict?

Conflict Coaching is a one-to-one process that helps clients, employees, and even family and friends resolve conflicts in healthier ways. 

Conflict Coaching synergizes Mediation, Conflict Resolution, and Coaching skills into one powerful process that helps people gain insight and skills into preventing and resolving their own conflicts. 

And, Conflict Coaching has HUGE untapped potential for helping others and for attracting more clients and business!

Learn More About Intro to Conflict Coaching

Practical Assertiveness 

Coming Soon!

Say what you mean, mean what you say, and don't say it mean!

Assertiveness is one of the most important leadership skills.

You'll learn the nuances of speaking up, how to appropriately ask for what you want, and meet confrontations with confidence.

We will practice and demo assertiveness skills so you can ask for what you want, say “no”, still be kind, and become more successful in business and life.

Learn More About Practical Assertiveness

Managing Difficult Conversations

Coming soon!

We all have at least one difficult conversation we’re avoiding. And, any conflict management process is also a difficult conversation. 

The reality is most people find themselves retreating during difficult conversations, but you don't have to.

This workshop on managing difficult conversations involves body, brain, and conflict resolution/mediation techniques. You'll be able to use these skills and awareness to be more capable of having crucial discussions!

Learn More About Managing Difficult ConversationsConversations

About Warrior Mediator/Coach conflict resolution and prevention workshops. 

Warrior Mediator training courses and workshops are approved by the Virginia Supreme Court for Continuing Mediator Education (CME) hours and other professional associations for training hours and continuing education credit. 

Are you tired of being lectured at and made to endure lengthy presentations?

Well, you won’t find that here! These training experiences are interactive, participatory, and designed  to make it easy to learn how to resolve conflicts in healthier ways, so you can come away with practical skills


Who is a good fit for conflict prevention/resolution workshops?

My typical customers are managers, HR professionals, teachers, small business owners, medical professionals, law enforcement professionals, therapists, attorneys, grandparents, and anyone who is interested in reducing conflict, eliminating workplace conflict, and living better!

Professional Mediators and Negotiators also receive added value above and beyond their CME (Continuing Mediator Education) credits with the structure of group and role-play environments. These mediation training courses & workshops are designed for small groups so you will have opportunities to try out new skills, ask questions, and develop new approaches to conflict prevention.


Why do we need conflict prevention/resolution training?

Conflict is a natural part of life; it is normal, inevitable, and even necessary for growth. Difficult conversations are inevitable and it is likely that every professional will experience conflict to some extent.

The more we understand how, when, and why conflict arises, the better equipped we are to handle it positively and proactively. 

Training in conflict resolution and negotiation skills help us deal with conflict in ways that avoid or reduce damaging escalation. This helps maintain relationships for future collaboration and task accomplishment (improves performance). It also makes us feel better about ourselves by improving our resilience and sense of self-worth to interpersonal pressures experienced, giving us a sense of control over negative emotions (ours and theirs).


How much does Warrior Mediator training cost?

The online workshops described above are $40 for 2 hours.

The cost of in-person workshops depends on the number of people, amount of customization, travel time, etc. Prices start at $150/hour.


How does this type of training work?

Our training works because it is practical and realistic, and you get to participate!

For example, exploring active, deep listening, and regulating one’s own nervous system are two of the main components of conflict intervention. Participants are encouraged to share and practice deep, active listening skills by being given real-life examples, sharing their own experiences, and responding to constructive feedback provided by the facilitator and peers.

A variety of active listening exercises are designed to facilitate the process of active listening by facilitating better understanding. Basic active listening techniques include paraphrasing, feedback loops, reflecting feelings back to one another, and limiting distractions during discussions.

These workshops include role-playing scenarios involving small groups, problem-solving activities for resolving conflicts constructively, sharing your own challenging situations, and lively discussion about whether conflict resolution is an art or science. All participants are encouraged to voice their opinions and experiences.

These workshops are about YOU!


What are the benefits of this type of training?

Less stress, more peace, more time and energy to enjoy life, skills to help others, and increased productivity, to name a few. 

The group structure of these courses helps build teamwork, improves communication and collaboration skills, encourages a team approach to solving problems, and works as an efficient preventative measure against costly misunderstandings which can lead to conflict escalation and disagreement.

Being prepared for conflict resolution will likely help you avoid much of the stress associated with it; therefore leading more towards effective problem-solving while maintaining your professionalism. The more conflict prevention training you obtain, the better equipped you are to handle conflict effectively.

Why wait for things to blow up? Preventing conflict is often cheaper than resolving it after it has escalated beyond control. Resolving issues at the earliest possible stage gives everyone involved the best chance of making sound decisions based on viable options thus saving time and money in the long run.

In short, these workshops can save you money, energy, emotional pain, and time!

Why am I qualified to be your trainer?

I have a diverse background in coaching and mediation. I am a professional ICF Certified Coach (ACC) with 13 years of experience as a certified conflict resolution professional and mediator. I am also one of Roanoke and NRV's only Certified Mediators qualified to offer Continuing Mediator Training recognized by the Virginia Supreme Court.

I have a rather large “toolbox” and I don’t rely on limited or one-size-fits-all approaches. I draw on many principles and practices from evidence-based techniques and practices such as cognitive behavioral coaching (CBT), acceptance and commitment coaching(ACT), dialectical behavior coaching (DBT), somatic experiencing (SE), presence-based coaching (PBC), shadow work, transpersonal psychology, and depth psychology. I also bring in eclectic approaches that arise intuitively from my numerous workshops and personal experiences. 

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Conflict Resolution Training Testimonials

Beth Eisenzimmer

" Kim’s dedication and commitment to the material being presented are apparent. His goal, however, is not merely filling minds with words from a page, but encouraging others to understand how to apply what is being taught in ways that help them improve as a person. "

David Wyrick

"His ability to focus the group, execute the training, redirect the angry outbursts, listen and respond was an experience that I will never forget and I continue to make use of in my day-to-day life. "

Sacil Armstrong

"Kim is an empathetic and intuitive coach, picking up on the nuances of an issue and encouraging you to consider other points of view. 
He has a magic way of getting you to see other aspects of an issue without making you feel like an idiot. :D"

Don't want to wait?

While the best way to experience my workshops is live and as they happen, recorded workshops are available.

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