About Kim Kristensen

Mediator, Mental Health Coach, Life Coach, Conflict Prevention Coach, & Trainer.

Warrior Mediator?


As a "Warrior", I will steadfastly support you in: 

  • Championing your efforts to prevent and resolve conflicts.
  • Vigilantly guiding you towards workable agreements.
  • Learning and demonstrating new skills.
  • Becoming the hero who increases productivity and satisfaction.
  • Fiercely protecting your right to be heard.
  • Advocating to increase your confidence.
  • Stepping up to help build trust in your work and personal relationships.
  • Guiding you to create stronger, healthier, deeper relationships.
  • Supporting you in holding yourself (and others) accountable.
  • Becoming the best version of you.
  • Being a Leader! 

Who is Mr. Kim Kristensen - Warrior Mediator?

Kim was born while his parents were performers at Ringling Bros. Circus, and he spent 24 years in the circus performing with his family. He traveled through 49 states (Alaska is still on the bucket list), Canada, and Mexico.

Kim first learned about conflict and collaboration by working with leopards, horses, acrobats, and clowns. ☺

He was "homeschooled", and went on to get his Bachelor's in Management and Human Resources and a Master's in Social Sciences with a focus on Psychology.

He has been a manager for public, private, and nonprofit businesses, and he is also an entrepreneur.

Kim is a Certified Mediator through the Virginia Supreme Court, and as a Somatic Experiencing Practioner, he is Trauma-Informed.

His experiences over the years include:

  • Leading men's leadership & empowerment groups for over 20 years.
  • Training in corporate, nonprofit, & government settings.
  • Teaching Leadership, Conflict Management, Applied Psychology, Sociology, and Critical Thinking at several universities.
  • Training teens in Conflict Resolution skills.
  • Mediating conflicts between individuals, teams, and groups of over 30 people.
  • Coaching individuals for over 15 years.

Kim has also had some rather eclectic experiences!

  • Vision Quest (4 days on a mountain top without food and limited water).
  • Working with Shamans in the Amazon rain forest.
  • Men's initiation weekends.
  • Being charged by an enraged female elephant and standing his ground (mostly out of fear!).
  • Jumping out of perfectly good airplanes (with a parachute, of course).
  • Training & experience with Psychodrama, Pathwork, breathwork, mindfulness, yoga, rock climbing, Radical Honesty, martial arts, ShadowWork, & Somatic Experiencing.
  • Staying in a committed relationship with his wife for over 23 years (the greatest teacher of all!).

Mr. Kim Kristensen

Trainer, Coach, Mediator

On WFXR-TV for Conflict Resolution Training


Teaching & listening in a  men's group.

On Ch. 7-TV for Co-Parenting Training


A few Circus memories...

Note: This is how I was raised - as a performer in the Circus. 

I do NOT support wild animals in the circus! 

That's me on top at age 5. 

Luna, one of our leopards.

My trained Arabian stallion, Pasha Machdar.

Holding baby leopard, Caesar.

Ayahuasca: A journey; not a recommendation...

Once upon a time, I sought the "quick fix" (spiritual bypass) to fix all my problems. 😂

This journey took me to some interesting places and I had many wild experiences.

Here is an article about one part of that journey that I wrote in my graduate year and later published in MAPS: https://maps.org/2014/11/20/the-ayahuasca-phenomenon/

I want to make it clear that I DO NOT recommend the use of psychotropics in a non-therapeutic setting.

I don't use ayahuasca or any psychotropic and I generally advise against their use. 

Do you want to know what facilitated my healing and learning process the most?

  • Awareness - the first step in any journey of self-discovery
  • Feeling my feelings
  • Noticing my body and what it was telling me
  • Qualified, patient, creative therapists
  • A fierce and loving relationship with a person who called me on my shit
  • Being in a group of men who also called me on my shit
  • Self-Compassion (try some, you'll like it!)
  • And, most of all: Time and Space to heal...

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