Warrior Mediator/Coach

Conflict Prevention Solutions

Feeling stuck, anxious, frustrated?

Tired of fighting or avoiding conflicts?

Ready for a change and a way forward?

Warrior Mediator has been proudly serving the Roanoke & NRV Valleys, Virginia, and the world with:

  • Practical Conflict Prevention And Resolution Training: Communication skills, De-Escalation, etc.
  • Certified Coaching: Mental Health Coaching, Relationship Coaching, & Conflict Coaching.
  • Certified Mediation Services: Workplace, Relationships, Family, & Community.

Warrior Mediator Solutions

Conflict Prevention & Resolution Training​

Our training incorporates strategies and tools to help you improve communication, reduce conflict, collaborate effectively, and increase productivity. We provide up-to-date, trauma-informed, and relevant training to increase collaboration and productivity. Our innovative, approach engages participants with practical, up-to-date, and relevant content.

Conflict prevention solutions in training

Life Coaching & Mental Health Coaching

If you're experiencing relationship issues, work stress, being "stuck", and/or trauma-related concerns, we've developed specialized Life Coaching, Conflict Coaching, and Mental Health Coaching that offers an increased focus on emotional well-being, as well as practical tools for creating change. Each of these types of coaching incorporates processes that bring wholeness and clarity into your life.

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Mediation Services

Mediation Services are available to support the needs of individuals, groups, organizations, families, and all other forms of interpersonal conflicts who wish to work collaboratively through a solution-based approach using mediation. 

My Certified Mediation process gets you Actionable Agreements for real change. 

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Virginia's leader in conflict mediaton and prevention


Kim Kristensen:

"Warrior Mediator/Coach"

(Curious about the name "Warrior Mediator"?

See https://www.warriormediator.com/about.html to learn more).

Kim is a Certified Mediator through the Virginia Supreme Court and specializes in working with conflict prevention and resolution. He thrives when helping people deal with difficult behaviors and situations.

Kim is a Certified ICF Coach and Mental Health Coach, and his ideal clients are "stuck".

Kim has led numerous men's leadership & empowerment groups, has taught classes in academia, and has worked with groups on community projects involving conflict prevention and resolution.

Kim's life experiences (he grew up in the circus 😮), practical training, education, work experience, coaching experience, and teaching background provide him with the tools you need to help you get "unstuck".

Productivity, Collaboration, and Profit through practical conflict prevention Training, Coaching, & Mediation.

Stop fighting.

Get back to working & living!

Contact Mr. Kim Kristensen at:




Call/text: 540-808-3162

5% of all proceeds from Training, Mediation, & Conflict Coaching are donated to:

Resolution Virginia - https://www.resolutionvirginia.org/ 

Resolution Virginia is a consortium of non-profit community dispute resolution centers working to help Virginians resolve conflict constructively.

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